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Rope Course

Rope Course Mt. Airy, NC

Summer camps for kids are meant to be filled with all sorts of fun-filled activities. At Camp Andrew, our camp program not only offers fun activities that help your child learn various skills and gain experiences, but the most important aspect is to give your child a chance to know God and love Him. The rope course at our camp is also part of this program. Your child stays in great shape and benefits in many other physical and mental ways.

Kids Love Climbing

Children love to climb. According to the father of play advocacy in the modern era, there are many reasons why children love to climb. It is part of the development instinct in children, which includes seeking, exploring, seeing, touching, and moving objects. Climbing is also a way kids learn about the world. The benefits include:

  • Skill development
  • Fitness
  • Health
  • Injury prevention

Our rope course program has been designed to assist with all the developmental needs including exploration and competing.

Experiencing Nature

Our rope course camping program allows your kid to get direct exposure to nature. This is an essential requirement for healthy childhood development. It contributes to the positive emotional and physical health of children. Our camp focuses on getting children to spend more time outdoors in nature that is created by God.

Benefits of Rope Course

The benefits of rope course for children can be categorized into physical and mental benefits:

Physical Benefits

The rope course involves lots of time spent climbing or hanging. This provides an intense form of exercise that develops strength, coordination, and flexibility. Our camp keeps the challenges to levels that can be managed by kids. Physical activity is not as intense as gymnastics, but it does keep your child’s body healthy.

This camp will also help complement other sports. Your child can experience significant improvement in performance in other sports activities.

Mental Benefits

Rope course activities also require focus and development of strategies. Little campers who have issues with concentration can significantly benefit by developing focus. Children also learn to develop strategies to overcome unique course challenges. This helps in improving their problem-solving abilities. Our camp staff and counselors are always there to take care of your child.

Our rope course programs are non-competitive. Children can learn at their own pace, as it is the true way that God designed for all of us to live. We believe that competitive sports take away from the way God desired things to be. We understand that many children feel uncomfortable with competitive sports. Even when there is no competition, the opportunity to play with other children does help improve your kid’s social skills.

Learning About God

An important aspect of all our camping programs is to teach kids and youth about God, His Word, and to develop the love for Him. At Camp Andrew, children feel loved and cared for and this adds something definite into their life.

If you need more information about our rope course and other camping programs, give us a call at (336) 351-CAMP (2267). We will be pleased to discuss your child’s unique requirements and the programs that may suit them best.

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