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Fishing Mt. Airy, NC

Spending time fishing with peers, under guidance, can create a new love for fishing and nature in children. Kids’ fishing camps can provide a wide range of benefits including an increased appreciation for nature and learning the power of patience. At Camp Andrew, we have created fishing programs for kids and youth to spend more time closer to nature and learn and appreciate the wonders made by God. Besides enjoying fishing with friends, kids can learn a great deal from this sport.

Our Fishing Camps

We have fishing camps for all the different skill levels. The camps involve guided inshore fishing trips that involve catching fish such as:

  • Bluegill
  • Bass
  • Catfish
  • Trout

And more. No experience is required, just an interest in fishing, the outdoors, and the marine environment. All that is required is that kids be able to move around in a boat and be physically fit for the environment.

Our camps also provide lessons in different areas associated with fishing including:

  • Boating safety
  • Target casting
  • Knot tying

And more. A typical fishing day at Camp Andrew involves fishing for bait to begin the trip before live baiting fishing for bluefish and bass. The fishing is almost always great and even on slow days, we have many ways to have fun.

Making a Difference in Children’s Lives

There are more ways in which children benefit from our fishing camps than learning how to fish. Our camps are fun and informative and provide opportunities to those who have never fished to learn them. Kids today spend more time indoors than ever before. Our fishing camps not only get them away from the digital screens and artificial lights but also help develop an appreciation for nature and God.

Some of the additional benefits of our fishing camps are as follows:

  • Children learn good morals and ethics. They will learn not to crowd others who are fishing. Kids in our camps are encouraged to help others who have difficulty baiting a line or run out of bait. Kids learn about God’s way of living of respecting others and helping them in their time of need.
  • Kids and youth learn about the importance of patience. A good catch requires some time and lots of patience. The fishing process demonstrates to children that it is worth being patient.
  • Our fishing camps teach children to respect wildlife. Fishing teaches children and youth that fish must give up their lives to become a meal and that they must appreciate and respect this sacrifice. They will also learn about the importance of sustainable food sources.

We try and release most of the fish that we catch, keeping only what is required. Our fishing camps also help improve the motor skills, coordination, and listening skills of our children. It is also a great way for kids to relax and learn how to overcome anxiety and stress.

At Camp Andrew, we are driven by the goal to help kids and youth to know and love God with all their hearts. We are in Bristol, VA. For more information about our programs, get in touch with us at (336) 351-CAMP (2267).

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