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Bible Time

Bible Time Mt. Airy, NC

Bible Time is a unique program for kids and youth and is built around fun themes. The goal of our program is to teach the young about God and to love Him with their entire heart. It involves studying Bible, playing Bible games, and memorizing verses from the Holy Book. At Camp Andrew, various fun activities are related to Bible truths and children will engage in various activities and make friends. This includes small-group time, large-group time, and activity rotations.

Getting Closer to God

At our camp, children will discover God’s love. They will practice becoming followers of Jesus through active participation in a wide range of activities including:

  • Bible studies
  • Recreation
  • Workshop
  • Mission education

Adventure Themed Camp

In being an adventure-themed camp, we make it even more interesting for kids and youth to learn about God. Such a theme is loved by kids of all age groups. The learning experience, combined with the adventure, will take kids to different settings on our campsite, including:

  • Jungle
  • Trekking
  • Canoeing
  • Creek stomping
  • Rope course
  • Arts and crafts

And more. Children will be decorating the camp area to make it look as if they are at their chosen destination.

Key Features

Many features make our Bible Time program unique.

  • Safe & Structured Environment: All our kids and youth will find a safe and sound environment to learn about God. Our program promises an emotionally, physically, and spiritually safe environment for kids to learn and build their Christian identity.
  • Development-Focused Program: Ours is a development-focused program that is rooted in the Scripture. The program and activities are designed and developed for each development stage. Hands-on activities and planned teachings will help your kid learn about the scripture within a framework of optimal learning and development.
  • Missions Education: Our program helps kids and youth to become a part of God’s amazing work. Your kid will learn and get the opportunity to participate in various activities that promote God’s Word. They will also learn to be a good neighbor, no matter where they go in their lives. We help create a more intimate and comfortable experience focused on equipping kids for a lifetime of faith.

We at Camp Andrew have developed a grace-filled, caring, and low-pressure environment for kids to develop their spiritual foundation in Christianity. Our programs and messages have been thoughtfully designed and developed to bring the Word of God to life. When your child participates in our Bible Time program, he or she will get a clear view of how much God loves them.

And learning about God in the company of other like-minded children can make a big difference in their lives. If you need more information about our Bible Time program or other camping programs, feel free to get in touch with us. Once your kid joins our camp, it will change their life forever. Give us a call at (336) 351-CAMP (2267) and we will put you in touch with our loving and caring staff to explain the program.

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